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>>> Summer Camp Weeks 8 & 9 Are Available For Limited Enrollment <<<

8am to 3pm,Only 20 Students Per Day, $295/week

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At Akamai Kids Club Preschool, children enjoy a loving environment that fosters positive feelings of self-worth and respect. Social, physical, intellectual development, and a sense of independence are gained through opportunities to make decisions and problem solve. While limits are clear, a great deal of emphasis is placed on role modeling, thus teaching tools for conflict resolution. The ability to have a friend, be a friend, and manage in the group setting is highly valued, as is a stimulating environment which provides opportunities for children to interact with each other and learn more about themselves.

This philosophy is implemented through indoor and outdoor activities, active and quiet play. Different materials are experimented with, encouraging self-exploration and discovery. Art, science, dramatic play, story time, music, and movement are all important. Friendships and cooperative play are encouraged through the sharing of ideas, books, and toys that generate concern for others. 


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